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AMP Websites.

AMP is a project from Google that provides a way to create lightweight pages and ensuring a fast load time on users end.

What is the AMP Project?

The AMP Project (accelerated mobile pages) is a web framework designed for delivering content to mobile users instantaneously. AMP is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. It provides a way to create web pages that load near instantaneously for users on mobile and therefore improve the user experience. When your website comes up in Googles search results it pre-loads your website so it loads in a flash.

AMP Website Development

We create WordPress websites using the AMP framework – AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript and the AMP CDN. AMP helps websites load from Google search results in an instant. Statistics these days show that users are likely to leave if your site isn’t fast enough and page load speed is a major ranking factor for Google. Is it time to move to an AMP website or just test the waters by creating one or two pages in AMP to see the results?

Want an AMP Website?

We can design and build you an AMP website. We use the WordPress CMS or you can have standalone pages for your most popular landing pages.

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  • AMP & WordPress

    We build AMP websites in WordPress. We create custom themes and ensure the site is completely editable by you. We ensure all pages are validated with the AMP testing tool.

  • Why use AMP?

    AMP pages load faster and look better than standard HTML pages on mobile devices. The AMP websites we create mobile responsive, this means they look great on all devices, windows and screen sizes. Read more about the AMP Project >

  • AMP & SEO

    AMP ensure pages load fast from the Google search results which gives them a ranking boost over pages that take longer to load. The AMP sites we build have all the basic SEO components and all others can be included. Take a look at our SEO offerings >

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